Number of Loops

5 Loops

Input Power 

220VAC 50/60Hz

 Aux. Power (Spare Battery)

 DC 24V 300mAH (NI-Cd Battery)

 Charging Voltage/Current

DC 29V 60mA
 Loop Valtage, Current Nomal: DC24V, Short-Circuit: 5V, Under 30mA
Rated Impedance Under 50Ω, Ground Resistance above 2MΩ
 Exterio Resistance Round-trip under50Ω
 Amount of Smoke Detectors Max. Amount of Connection: 20/ Loop
 Amount of Heat Detectors No Limit (Except Electronic Type)
 End of Line Resistance 10KΩ
 Output Current for Indicating Lamp Max. Output Current: 120mA
 Output Current for Alam Bell Max. Output Current: 120mA
 Case Material ABS resin with non-flammability
 Auxiliary Contact 1 Null-Valtage Contact (N/O, 250VAC, 7A)


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